In days gone by, waterbeds have been given a bad rap. But no longer are waterbeds just bladders full of water. Come in and experience the new generation of waterbeds. Though innovation and pioneering design, we have made waterbeds more reliable, more superior, more durable and more luxurious and the ultimate in lavish comfort. Our Softsider waterbeds are revolutionary. We incorporate only the best materials to create a bed that will give you the best nights sleep you have ever had.

And the best part is, you can keep your current furniture. If you have furniture you love that supports a normal size mattress, then chances are we can customise a simple solution to get you sleeping in superior comfort, without compromise.

We have so many customers returning to waterbeds after many years. Nearly all them say they used to have waterbeds and ALL regret getting rid of them. They are blown away when they walk into our showroom and see the new generation of waterbeds that are now on offer.

There is nothing quite like sleeping on a waterbed. Come in to our showroom at Chermside and see how good it can be. We have a wide range of waterbeds, all with different comfort settings. We have our duet systems on display too. Come in, compare and contrast.