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Dreamlover Waterbed World at Chermside is a 100% Australian owned business since 1989, and a display outlet where you can come in and try different waterbeds to ensure you select the correct one for you. Big George, ‘The Waterbed Doctor’ is the longest professional infield service operator in the Brisbane area repairing and installing waterbeds since 1989, who has since expanded to cover all areas in South East Queensland and northern NSW.

Dreamlover Waterbed World endeavours to use Australian products wherever possible. We are a specialised Waterbed shop with the best display in Queensland. As we are independent, we source the best materials from a wide range of suppliers to ensure the maximum in quality, longevity and reliability. Dreamlover has it’s own workshop where we manufacture all our soft sider, timber frame waterbeds and furniture in Jimboomba, with the factory outlet at Chermside Brisbane.

Waterbed World at Chermside is your one stop shop for anything waterbeds. Not only do we have Brisbane’s largest range of waterbeds on display, we also stock all waterbed parts. We also sell innerspring and latex mattresses, while growing our already extensive range of waterbeds and bedheads in our showroom.

Waterbed World at Chermside is a display outlet / showroom where you can and lie down on a range of different waterbeds, all with different specifications and comfort levels, to ensure you select the correct bed for you. If its been a while since you have tried our different waterbeds, or just want to come and see what all the fuss is about, then Waterbed World at Chermside is the place to go.

We have an extensive range of waterbed parts and offer full service. Our technicians can help with installations, assembly, relocations, repairs, draining, dismantling and packing.


Services & maintenance

Once a waterbed is setup correctly, the only bit of maintenance that a user needs to do is remember to add conditioner every six months. This step is often forgotten by waterbed owners but is such an important step in prolonging the life of a mattress. Over a period of 10 years, the difference between a bladder that has had conditioner added every 6 months compared to a bladder that has never had conditioner added will be stark. The bladder with conditioner added will remain supple and will not shrink in the corners.

The other function of conditioner is to control algae and bacteria. Over time these germs can multiply and become a problem if not treated. If bacteria grows inside a waterbed mattress, this can cause air pockets to appear. Adding a little bit of conditioner every 6 months will your ensure your waterbed mattress is protected from algae and bacterium and lasts even longer.

Unlike other manufacturers, we can come out to inspect the mattresses in the very rare case of something going wrong. This means that you don’t have to empty the bed yourself, package the mattress, ship the mattress at your expense and then wait for weeks to get it returned. We do charge a call out fee for this service, but this is much lower than the pain of the emptying, packing, shipping and then waiting for the replacement mattress from another supplier.

We are the only manufacturer that provides this type of customer care. We are very proud of our Dreamaster bedding solutions and we very proudly stand by our products and offer this warranty with pride.

We cover most areas in Sth East Queensland including Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Logan, Ipswich, Toowoomba and everywhere in between. 



Pumpout & vacuum seal, fold and bag your waterbed mattress to prevent the internal wave reducing mats from tangled and damaged. It also make it easier to move

Also pumpout – empty and prepare your waterbed mattress for long term storage



With 30 years experience in flexible PVC and rubber repairs we have what it takes to do a reliable job. As a matter of fact we guarantee most of our leak repair work.


Enquiry Booking

•Repair accidental punctures, tears, rips and cuts

•seams, corner seams, valves, ‘T’ Seams, straight seams

•Replace damaged timbers to all makes

•Insurance quotes and Insurance repairs. Free written quotes.
With over 20 yrs experience, we have got most thing covered

•Straighten/untangle internal baffling

•Restoration work & Resprays


Relocations & Removals

•We do most areas listed above in pumpouts

•House to house

•Room to Room

•Take out and after carpet laying return to same room

•Set up bed a few days later if required

•Pumpout/empty waterbed mattress

•Transport bed

•Reassemble bed

•Fill bed with warm water or if you prefer you can fill the bed. Some customers prefer to fill their own

•Starter concentrate waterbed conditioners

•Pack waterbeds

•Pumpout/empty and prepare your waterbed mattress for long term storage so it does not go mouldy

•Interstate Relocations

•Install new waterbeds

Have you moved? We can set up and install your bed. We can also assist in new parts at the time of setup


Replacement Parts

•Install on location

•Replacement pedestals

•Replacement decking or platform

•Install new waterbed bladders

•Install new heaters

•Install new Liners

•Supply conditioners and conditioner concentrate

•Replace pedestals with draw base pedestals



•Insurance work



Contact Us

In the case of any waterbed emergencies, we can be contacted 24hrs a day, 7 days a week on the following number 0418 196 808

We would love to hear from you if you have any enquiries about waterbeds, or need to organise a repair, removal, installation or insurance enquiry. We may be out in the field and unable to take your call straight away, but we will get back to you as soon as we can.

For all enquiries, or to book a personal one on one appointment outside of shop hours, please call us on the following numbers:

1300 55 60 66

3359 0070

0429 0429 33

0429 0429 88


We can also be reached by the following email:

And finally, our Facebook page is:  

@Dreamlover Waterbed World


Our air conditioned showroom can be found at:

Cnr Hamilton Rd and Corrie St,

Chermside 4032.

(2 mins from Westfield Chermside)


Our Postal Address is:

Dreamlover Waterbed World

PO BOX 174