At Waterbed World at Chermside, we have a large range of waterbeds on display. If you have ever thought about trying a waterbed, then please come into our showroom before you buy your next bed. You will not regret it !!!!!

Our Softsider waterbeds are made by us and built to last. The new generation of our waterbeds follow the normal sizing dimensions as ordinary innerspring beds. This means you can use your existing fitted and flat sheets on your new waterbed. The new generation of waterbeds can, in most cases, be retrofitted to your existing bedroom furniture. These beds come in a range of options like a wool top cover, quilted cover and our new comfort top cover. 

Waterbed World at Chermside is a one stop for ALL your waterbeds needs. We have the ultimate experience for you with all things waterbed related. We have a wide range of unique and exclusive products, from complete bedroom suites made with unsurpassed craftsmanship, to all the little things like heaters, liners and conditioners. Our showroom at Chermside has everything in one air conditioned showroom, on show now, ready to be sampled and tested by YOU. 

In our air conditioned showroom at Chermside, you can try a range of waterbeds to find the right fit for you, without compromise, to ensure you have a wonderful nights sleep, night after night after night.  

Our new generation of waterbeds include our twin bladder ‘Duet’ systems, so you and your partner can find the exact comfort settings needed for both of you. Our Duet systems have 2 individual bladders, both of which can be customised to you. Each side also features individual heating control. Best of all, with a duet system, there is no moving around if your partner changes position as there are two individual bladders.

Our showroom display is constantly changing, bringing you the latest in design, innovation and choice. We have soft sided waterbeds, timber framed waterbeds, headboards and a selection of clever storage solutions built into the pedestal bases. We of course also sell any waterbeds parts that you may need.

We have so many customers returning to waterbeds after many years. Nearly all them say they used to have waterbeds and ALL regret getting rid of them. They are blown away when they walk into our showroom and see the new generation of waterbeds that are now on offer.



Home of the ‘DREAMASTER 2500GC’ Softsider Waterbed. 

The Dreamaster 2500GC is our own pioneering superior waterbed. The Dreamaster was developed by our innovation team, and represents the best of the best. The Dreamaster is manufactured proudly and exclusively in our Jimboomba factory. You can see and feel the difference of our newest and best waterbed in our Chermside showroom. In our showroom, we have a full range of Dreamaster waterbeds, with different comfort levels so you can try each level and find the perfect bed for you. Also on display are our twin bladder ‘duet’ systems.  

Dreamlover Waterbed World at Chermside is the ONLY place you can see, feel, compare and contrast our Dreamaster Bedding System. This bedding package is the bees knees of waterbeds, and is made and sold exclusively by us.

For more information on the Dreamaster 2500GC, click here.