Because of the extra weight of the water, waterbeds need to sit on specialised support structures that hold the weight and spread the load over a large area. When done correctly, a waterbed can be installed on virtually any floor. This is where the pedestal base comes in.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the base of your new waterbed. The height of the bed can be custom made to suit you so you get the perfect bed. Some people prefer a lower bed, similar to the old style timber framed beds, while others find them a little too hard to climb in and out of, (especially as we get a little older) so they prefer a much higher base to assist.

Pedestal bases can be custom made to any height, and this allows us to be able to renew your existing furniture if thats what you would like. We can match the pedestal and support structures to your existing furniture to have a seamless brand new waterbed in your own furniture.

We at Waterbed World love to tinker with new and different designs, and we love to build stuff with our own hands. We are constantly creating, innovating and improving our designs. 


Clever storage systems built into our beds

At Dreamlover Waterbeds, we have learnt a thing or two over the last 30 years of manufacturing waterbeds. One thing that customer are always requesting in their beds is clever storage solutions, and it happens to be one of our specialties. We have a huge range of storage configurations that available, and if you need something that we don’t have, we will try our hardest to make it for you. 

Pedestal bases can come in many different forms and materials too. Fancy a few big draws in the pedestal to eliminate what would normally be wasted space. No problem. Our pedestal bases also come in a variety of woods and finishes, including fabric, stains, craftwood and Melamine.


New Locker Base System 

With the addition of our 5 door locker base you can add a lot of storage to your existing waterbed. Locker system 5 is shown here in white before the platform sheets and bed section. With this set there is a de-pressure lower sheet so the weight is evenly spread over the area eliminating pedestal lines. Available in various heights. colors, styles and bed sizes. 


Storage for your ensemble? Its possible 

With our custom made ensemble waterbeds, it is possible to have from 1 to 7 draws built in. Jumbo draws, Mega draws and locker bases are among the options available.


Other options include:

Solid pine drawer base

Standard budget drawer

Drawer solid pine 240mm extra deep 

Base with hinges

Budget jumbo drawers

Ensemble with drawers and legs

Ensemble with drawers and wheels

Solid pine 4 drawer base 


Guaranteed Workmanship that is built to last.

Many of our customers have complemented us on the quality and solid construction of ours beds and pedestals. We may not always be the cheapest, but please remember that quality remains long after price is forgotten.


Trolley wheels / base 

No longer are the days when you install a waterbed and its forever locked into that position in your bedroom. 

It is possible to have a waterbed that is movable around your bedroom. Just like a normal ensemble with caster wheels that can easily be moved around, certain waterbeds can be fitted with castor wheels too. In order to move around a waterbed, heavy duty wheels need to added to the base. Not every waterbed can be fitted with these castor wheels, but if you let us know what type of bed you have, we will let you know if its possible.