The safety liner is an essential part of any waterbed. In the case of an accident where water leaks from the bladder, it is the liner that stops a catastrophe. Any water that is leaking will go no further if the safety liner is in good condition and has no holes.

We recommend that the liner be replaced every 5-7 years, when a mattress is changed after a period of time, or straight away if there are any tears, rips or holes. The safety liners come in two very different profiles depending whether they are for a Timber Framed Bed or a Softsider waterbed.

The safety liner is your insurance policy in the rare case that something goes wrong. It is in your best interests to make sure the liner is in perfect condition. 


The Contour Safety Liner – For Softsided waterbeds

These liners are totally flexible and sit inside the foam bath. They come in blue and gold colors.



The Stand-Up Liner for Timber Framed Beds

These liners fit the base of a timber framed bed perfectly and have a internal structure of sorts to help them Stand-Up. These liners only come in a dark brown colour.