Conditioner / Shock Treatment

Once a waterbed is setup correctly, the only bit of maintenance that a user needs to do is remember to add conditioner every six months. This step is often forgotten by waterbed owners but is such an important step in prolonging the life of a mattress. Over a period of 10 years, the difference between a bladder that has had conditioner added every 6 months compared to a bladder that has never had conditioner added will be stark. The bladder with conditioner added will remain supple and help prevent shrinkage.


The other function of conditioner is to control algae and bacteria. Over time these germs can multiply and become a problem if not treated. If bacteria grows inside a waterbed mattress, this can cause air pockets to appear. Adding a little bit of conditioner every 6 months will your ensure your waterbed mattress is protected from algae and bacterium and lasts even longer.  

Shock Treatment Concentrate – start up treatment for newly filled mattresses. One whole bottle when mattress is  filled.

6 monthly conditioner – Shock Treatment Concentrate  – Use 1/3 of of a bottle every 6 months. One bottle lasts 18 months. Add to mattress water every 6 months – shock treatment is more economical than buying the old 6 monthly conditioner bottles. 

We like to have a higher concentration of Conditioner for added surety.