Our Zip on/off wool covers are made from 100% Australian export grade lamb pile. This is a genuine product from Australia that is expertly sewn locally in Brisbane to make our wool covers and sides. These lambswool covers are easily removed and can be washed.



Consider also getting a second lambswool cover at the time of purchase. The sides and wool tops are paired when made, and other tops will not fit  perfectly as a custom made set will. The bonus with having two lambswool covers, is that the wear is shared between the two tops. When you wash one, put the other cover on the bed. And vice versa then next time. They will last twice as long.


Our zip on/off covers also come in a Quilted top, and can also be made upon request into a comfort top. Or a combination of all 3. The choice is yours. Please note, that having the Quilted or Comfort tops will also affect the movement of the bed further.


There is also an option for those with Timber Framed beds to enjoy the luxurious feel of a lambswool top too. Just get in touch with us and we can organise it for you.