We at Dreamlover Waterbed World have had our thinking caps on recently, trying to stay ahead of the curve. We thought about the state of mattresses and how they could be improved. What we came up with is called ‘The Binary’. The binary is a mattress made with 2 layers of 6mm premium foam sandwiched by our finest baffling materials.


The obvious question is ‘why’ we have created the Binary Mattress. And the answer is pretty simple. In order for mattresses to perform correctly, the baffles inside need to float. Our new mattress still has our full sheet flotation, but sandwiched between our premium baffle layers are 6mm sheets of dense foam which  also help with flotation.

The great advantage of the new Binary mattress, is the fact that it offers superior support, minimal movement  while also creating a soft bed that conforms to your body.


The best of both worlds.