Dreamlover Waterbeds

is your one stop place for anything waterbed related. We always stock a huge range of parts in our showroom and if we don’t have exactly what you need in store, we can get it for you in no time.


Mattresses / Bladders

How to get the right mattress/bladder for you

One of the main differences between Waterbed World and other competitors, is that we make our mattresses ourselves in our Jimboomba factory and are only available through Waterbed World. 

These bladders are manufactured in Queensland, Australia. Our heavy 1000gsm baffle layers are the foundation layers. We increment these with a 500gsm layer to give the various levels of medium, firm, extra-firm and hard. This makes baffles a lot more reliable, durable and resistant to tangling and degrading. 




Foam Bath / Cradle

Not all foam baths are made equal

Our foam baths are made specially for us, with our specifications, not far from our showroom at Geebung using Dunlop foams. Unlike others, our foam baths have a 25mm foam base for stability and insulation. Our foam baths have bottom insulation, side insulation and the top is insulated by a cover. Because of this, your power consumption drops saving you $$$$$. 

There is a huge difference between the cheap foam baths that other companies sell at discount prices. The thickness of the foam, the density and the support structures all play a very important part in how long a foam bath will last, and how comfortable the bed will be. We are very particular when it comes to the manufacture of our foam baths, and we support the highest industry standards and insist on only the finest materials. As such, we use Dunlop foams in our foam baths. Come in, compare and contrast for yourself. 

Our foam baths come in different sizes and densities from the budget to our very own deluxe Dreamaster 2500GC.



 Zip On/Off Covers

Our softsider waterbeds come with your choice of genuine export grade Lambswool covers, or perhaps our quilted covers. These covers come as a pair with a side wall also included. These side walls come in a variety of materials like bamboo, cotton and quilted and many more.



Heaters and Heater Pad Boards

Dreamlover Waterbed World At Chermside stock every heater for every waterbed.

We use and recommend Carbon Heaters. These heaters are German made and feature great thermal efficiency and are a perfect addition to any waterbed. These heaters are available in 240W and 320W for both Softsided and Timber framed waterbeds.



Safety Liners

Another of our new products to better waterbed reliability and bladder control. A safety liner is an important part of the waterbed; insurance just in case something happens. We stock safety liners for both timber framed waterbeds as well as softsided waterbeds, as well as every size waterbed you may have. 





Conditioner / Shock Treatment

Once a waterbed is setup correctly, the only bit of maintenance that a user needs to do is remember to add conditioner every six months. This step is often forgotten by waterbed owners but is such an important step in prolonging the life of a mattress. Over a period of 10 years, the difference between a bladder that has had conditioner added every 6 months compared to a bladder that has never had conditioner added will be stark. The bladder with conditioner added will remain supple and will not shrink in the corners. 

The other function of conditioner is to control algae and bacteria. Over time these germs can multiply and become a problem if not treated. If bacteria grows inside a waterbed mattress, this can cause air pockets to appear. 




1 ….. Standard platform (decking) that is placed above the pedestal – Timber frames and soft siders – King, Queen, Doubles and singles made to measure in our factory.

2 ….. Premium platform (decking) that is placed above the pedestal base. Available in 12mm or 18mm, these decks are spray sealed in our factory so there is even more protection and peace of mind just in case of accidents.



Pedestal bases

Because of the extra weight of the water, waterbeds need to sit on specialised support structures that hold the weight and spread the load over a large area. When done correctly, a waterbed can be installed on virtually any floor. This is where the pedestal base comes in.

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the base of your new waterbed. The height of the bed can be custom made to suit you so you get the perfect bed.




Plugs and Caps

We have a range of plugs and caps in the event that you may have misplaced yours.





Dreamlover At Chermside has a full range of brackets in stock at all times. Whether you are need of W, Z, or L Brackets, or the extrusion corners off a pedestal base, we have it all.




Repair Kits

Unfortunately, we know that accidents can happen. And they can happen at the wrong time. Fortunately, for small leaks, all that may be needed is a simple repair kit to get it fixed. We sell repair kits in several sizes and shapes so we can get you sleeping again.




Rail Caps

The old style timber framed were beauties to look at, and built to last. Unfortunately, the softer railings that sat on the edge of a timber framed bed (cap rail) to make it a little softer for you to get in and out of, can be worn down over time. But never fear, we can also make new rail caps for your bed.




Our craftsman have been …..